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We are a professional makeup brushes manufacturer, which is specializing in various makeup brushes,such as facial makeup brush,lip brush,eyeshadow brush,eyebrow brush and makeup brush set.
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Our professional makeup brushes set devotes to create a flawless look,it is definitely on your "Must have" list.
Our facial makeup brush can create a natural facial make-up look.And it's perfect for liquid and powder cosmetic product.
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Our lip brush enables you to paint your lips with uniform color and trace out a perfect lip shape.
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Snow Eagle,which is a successful manufacturer of high quality cosmetic brushes in China,providing all kinds of makeup brushes to let anyone become her own makeup artist.Our cosmetic brushes come in different shapes and sizes to cover you need to do makeup on different areas of the face and it fits for every face shape.We provide various brushes for customers and satisfy all demand for makeup brushes.Snow Eagle strictly controls the quality of our beauty tools, please rest assured to buy.
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Our products are high quality item among various cosmetic brushes company. Everything you need for a exquisite look is in here.
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When first getting acquainted with cosmetics one of the products I struggled with after I got everything else down pat was blush. For some reason I would apply it too high or too low, too much or unevenly, ended too soon or too late, so for the ladies looking to perfect the way they apply blush, this tutorial is for you. You may find the right one makeup brush set manufacturer or makeup brush set online here.There are sorts of methods to apply blush. There was this woman that worked at the Elizabeth Arden counter that used to just pack it on until her cheeks looked like the pan the blusher came out of, then would apply her foundation over it to soften the color and lock it in. There were other women that would swirl their fingers in the pans when they thought nobody was looking and would use their fingers to apply the product on. And yet others that would use cotton balls as their applicator, some triangular sponges, you name it. My preference is a good quality blush brush or two. Professionally I use about 5 or 6 just for different types of blush brushes and applications but personally I keep three on hand- an angled brush semi-full head brush for my cream based blushes, a regular sized blush brush for the general cheek area (good for bronzers and/or face powders if you don't have a bronzer brush or powder brush so long as you clean in between uses), and a small version of the blush brush for highlighting, contouring, and for when I'm feeling a little creative and want to mix in a bit of a second color in.So now that we have our tools ready, let's begin. As with most cosmetic products, we want to start with less and build as necessary so swoop your brush across the powder blush and tap off any excess on the counter top or with your opposite hand. Doing so will allow us to avoid over application. Just like when applying bronzer, give yourself a nice smile in the mirror to find the apples of your cheeks and start with a small circle right on the apple of your first cheek. Another swoop with your brush in the product, tap off excess, and repeat on the other side. We don't want to add any more color to our faces, so flip the brush over to the clean side and start blending outwards and on a slight upward angle toward your temples. The clean side of the brush will remove any excess product and will keep the look natural and subdued.
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1. It is best to choose natural hair (such as wool, horse hair, marten hair, etc.). The natural hair brush is soft and elastic, and it feels comfortable in contact with the skin, and it is easy to sti...
There are two cleaning methods: water washing and loose powder. Different hair brushes will have different cleaning methods. There are two main types of brush hair:Animal hair: used with dry powder c...

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