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Starry blue series flat concealer brush birch wooden handle

Place of Origin: China
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Supply Ability: 5,0000 Pieces / month
MOQ: 200Pieces
Color: Blue
Handle: Wood
Brush: Polyester
Type: Facial Brush

Products Description

Starry blue series flat concealer brush will show your beautiful face, create your confident and delicate image, add color to your makeup.

Don't use finger tips for concealer rather than use a concealer brush. It will help to blend the concealer easily and hide the pimple marks, dark circles under your eyes. Concealer seems to whisk and blend right into your skin. Also helps blend around the nose and mouth.

Products Materials

The material of our concealer brush is also carefully selected, its quality is absolutely guaranteed. Our premium pro concealer brush uses imitated weasel tail hairs that won't shed. The handle material of our product is birch.


Products Features

Our high quality bristles are soft, yet just the right density to pick up and distribute liquid foundation evenly, and doesn't splay when you push down hard on it.

Stop paying for the name! Before you spend more money on another expensive foundation makeup brush, try Beauty professional quality makeup brushes and sponges. Our brushes are ½ the price of the makeup brushes we've been compared to. 

The product is measured by hand, the length error is about 1mm-3mm, and the weight error is about 1g. 

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