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High quality Christmas red series single lip brush factory in China

Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 200Pieces
Supply Ability: 5,0000 Pieces / month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Color: Red
Handle: Metalic
Brush: Fur
Type: Lip Brush

Products Description

Christmas red series single lip brush will show your beautiful face, create your confident and delicate image, add color to your makeup. The product is measured by hand, the length tolerances is about 1mm-3mm, and the weight error is about 1g. 

This lip brush is a handy tool that makes precise lipstick and lip gloss application very easy. The bristles are soft and be of good quality. Using this brush gives your lips better definition and fills them more evenly with coIour in comparison to applying lip color without it.

Our product is equipped with a small, tapered point that allows you to easily swipe color and gloss “inside the lines”. A sleek brush designed to apply lip color and gloss. The best gift for:girlfriend,mother,wife and friends.

Products Advantage

Well most of us use lipsticks and lip-glosses directly but its not right. Applying with lip brush helps the lipstick to blend accurately and evenly to the lips. I’ve tried both ways and found using a lip brush is far much better than using lipstick and lip-gloss directly.

Products Features

Lightweight for handy carrying during travel. Soft bristles provide smooth and even coverage of lip color or gloss.

Firm yet soft and flexible, It is square edged lipstick brush, the tips of the brush precision easy, it is very easy to use.

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