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Christmas red series angled eyebrow brush birch and beech wooden handle

Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 200Pieces
Supply Ability: 5,0000 Pieces / month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Color: Red
Type: Eyeshadow Brush
Handle: Plastic
Brush: Polyester

Products Description

This angled bristle head is designed to apply a tight line to the upper and lower eye lash lines with winged liner, also works for defining eyebrows.

Our eyebrow brush will show your beautiful face, create your confident and delicate image, add color to your makeup.

The angled eyebrow brush is perfect for shaping and filling in your brows with precise, defined strokes while allowing for even product/color distribution. Use the spoolie side to shape, blend, and groom your brows.

Products Materials

Made out of Imitation weasel tail hair easier for application, no shedding or uneven hairs. It is very unique and does a beautiful job. The mouth tube material of our product is aluminum, the handle material is birch and beech. We promise that we will give all of female the best quality brushes with the best reasonable price. To help you be the best of yourself.


Products Features

Compact size makes it perfectly fit for your purse, suitable for daily or traveling use. 

Supreme quality super soft hair with natural softness, use the brow brush with your favorite brow powder to create that natural look.

This brush is angled to hug the shape of the eye and is ideal for creating a variety of looks.

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