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Birch wooden wine red series single lip brush made in China

Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 200Pieces
Supply Ability: 5,0000 Pieces / month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Color: Red
Type: Lip Brush
Handle: Wooden
Brush: Fur

Products Description

Wine red series single lip brush will show your beautiful face, create your confident and delicate image, add color to your makeup. The product is measured by hand, the length error is about 1mm-3mm, and the weight error is about 1g. Great for applying lip gloss or lipstick and it can help you create a beautiful makeup look easily.

In addition: This make-up tools can be sold by single, multiple, logo printing and customization. Please contact the manufacturer for details!

Products Materials


Made with fine and glossy goat hair, no killing and harming, flexible bristles apply lip colour effectively than other fibers. The mouth tube material of our product is aluminum and its handle material is birch. Furthermore , easy to hold and anti-skid during use.


Products Features


An essential tool for lip makeup. Suitable for professional beauty salon or home use. This is really an amazing lip brush. Best way to protect the brush head, long service life. Can avoid sticky dust or other dirt.

Exquisite production process, high quality and durable.Made from prime quality bristles, but soft and natural. The Wine red brush also is a good combination of firm yet pliable. Lipstick goes on easy and smooth.

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